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Welcome to Breakaway Football the best place to get products that will help improve your game in soccer. At Breakaway Football we are all very passionate about soccer and our goal is to help others succeed. We want to see our clients go to the next level to college and professional soccer. Our products give people the opportunity to train like professionals and be the best they can be. We help you breakaway from your competition with Breakaway Football!
The reason we started Breakaway Football was because we watched the US national team struggle through the World Cup Qualifiers and ended up losing a chance to play in biggest sporting event in the world. When we saw the end score of Trinidad and Tobago game we were left in heartbreak. After we realized there was no way we could cheer on our nation in the world cup next summer. We knew we had to help make a change and help grow soccer in the US. So we created a business that would help improve the quality of youth players in America. We love two things here at Breakaway Football soccer and competition. When we face competition we don’t back down we work harder and smarter. We promote this same idea with our clients and soccer players around the US.
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